Amongst these are:

Exit the Known World, poems by Simon Armitage, engravings by Hilary Paynter

Eight World's Wives, poems by Carol Ann Duffy, engravings by Hilary Paynter

Ghetto, poems by Michael Longley, illustrations by Sarah Longley

The Italian Chapel, a long poem by Sinead Morrissey, illustrations by Maribel Mas

Gymnasium, poems by Simon Armitage, illustrations by Anthony Gormley

Other titles completed are: Persephone by David Burnett, for his Black Cygnet Press, Robert Burton’s Abstract of Melancholy for the Stella Press, and an imperial folio volume titled The Invincible Truth.

Further books in hand and ready for the press are a series of illustrated essays for Hammick & Holland featuring the work of Elizabeth Bishop, a dual-language edition of Eduardo Sanchez Butrgueno’s Toledo for Lytlewode Press, and further volumes for Fine Press Poetry.


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